Donald Alvarado and Richard “Dixie” Zens began Abacus Engineering Company in 1982 working out of their basements. Several jobs were shipped to General Electric and other customers before Abacus began full time operations.  

When we incorporated as Abacus Automation in 1985 we moved into an incubator building run by the Bennington County Industrial Corporation, a Vermont industrial development organization.

history duo

1982 Donald Alvarado and Richard Zens begin ABACUS Engineering Company while working together at Sprague Electric.

Once in the startup facility, employees were hired to draft, assemble, wire and program the equipment and keep records of the jobs.  Each year, new employees were added as the customer base and business expanded. In 1991, with eighteen employees, Abacus purchased an 8,000 square foot facility to accommodate its increasing orders.

Sales continued to grow and in January of 1999 Abacus completed construction on a new building and moved into the custom designed, 30,000 square foot facility.  The new space was designed to meet the demands of our customers into the future.

Abacus currently employees more than 40 talented individuals who will handle your project from concept through installation and startup. We employ a full staff of engineers, drafters, assembly technicians, electrical technicians, programmers and service personnel.