Abacus Automation is located in Bennington, Vermont. Assembly, test runs and customer acceptance tests are conducted at our facilities – a custom built, 30,000 square foot building with an assembly floor, offices, and small machine shop.

our facilities


WORK FLOOR: Multiple projects in assembly, testing, or run-off is the typical view out on our work floor.

Our assembly area has level and clean tile floor, bright lighting, a controlled climate, and power drops throughout the area to ensure the best possible facilities for building precision equipment.

Work tables, tool carts, and hardware shelves on rollers can be positioned as needed for maximum efficiency and use of space.



LOADING: Through a large bay door is our entrance for flatbed trailers, equipped with a 5 ton winch and adequate space to position a tractor trailer. Machines can be loaded safety directly from the clean assembly environment. Delivering larger systems and components becomes light work for our customers.

our facilities no. 2



our facilities semi-loader